Chelene Nightingale, The Wake Up Mission Show’s passionate co-host,  is a homeschooling mother who woke up in 2004 and wanted to sound the alarm in order to unite others to help restore liberty, faith and freedom in America. First she joined forces with political activist Ted Hayes and organized numerous marches, rallies, sit-ins and forums in an attempt to curb tyranny while educating the public and encouraging their involvement. Ms. Nightingale’s patriotism comes from being raised in a conservative-Christian-military home.

Although she is now a registered independent, in 2010 she ran for California State Governor due to the request of the liberty loving Constitution Party.  The Nightingale for Governor campaign was honored with endorsements from Pastor Chuck Baldwin, G. Edward Griffin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Congressman Tom Tancredo and retired Sheriff Richard Mack, in addition to many more strong liberty voices. Prior to her own gubernatorial campaign, she served as Libertarian Art Olivier’s campaign manager for his 2006 gubernatorial run.

Chelene campaign

Nightingale’s history also includes writing, acting, modeling, and public speaking. She can be seen in the political thriller, “Operation Terror’ written and produced by her friend Art Olivier.

Besides co-hosting duties, Chelene is an entrepreneur who strongly believes being your own boss offers freedom from financial oppression. America was founded upon a free market system which must be restored again for liberty. To connect with Chelene on her business ventures visit


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