The Wake Up Mission Show (presently on hiatus) is a liberty-faith-based program with the purpose of witnessing the truth with love and offering hope and encouragement. The Wake Up Mission Show is entirely researched, written, produced and hosted by average Christian Americans who wanted to help others and try to offer solutions in a rapidly changing upside-down world. Our show is live Monday – Thursday with breaking headlines, hot liberty topics, faith news, economic items, discussion, music and honored guests.  Our pre-recorded Friday show is simply two hours of music we present as a gift to our loyal listeners who need a break in order to rest and rejuvenate.

In addition to the show, we provide a variety of business opportunities and tips on our site in order to help people break the chains of financial bondage. We truly believe entrepreneurship is a step towards freedom.

Escape “the road to serfdom” and instead travel “the path to freedom”!  Visit www.chelenenightingale.net for more information.

ben franklin