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Hear our entire unedited,uncensored interview with Sher Zieve as she drops bombshells on the Luciferians in public office and entertainment.As well as revealing that islam is in fact satanism.This is all factual information,Sher is a respected investigative journalist who writes for Canada Free Press,Barb and Renew America as well as hosting her own segments on The Roth Show.



The Wake Up Mission Show

GOODBYE AMERICA! The Liberty Bell No Longer Rings!

cheleneIt is alleged that a woman asked Benjamin Franklin, “Sir what have you done?”  and allegedly Mr. Franklin replied, “A Republic Ma’am if you can keep it.”  Sound the alarm loudly and let it be known that the week of June 21. 2015 – June 27, 2015, the Republic, commonly known as America, was buried 6 feet under.  Merely one week shy of the 239th Birthday of “Independence”, the union formed ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’ gasped it’s last breath which was already on life support.

Perhaps some readers will laugh at what they believe is alarmist, others will ignore, and some will actually celebrate the foundation of this “new’ United Statism of Amerika.  However a large number of individuals who understand the Founder’s intent for this country, will share in mourning the demise of the once great beacon for true freedom and liberty.



The Wake Up Mission is a liberty-faith-based company with the purpose of awakening, educating and assisting  individuals to overcome financial bondage and political oppression.  We produce the daily Wake Up Mission Show, a truthful alternative to the controlled mainstream media.  In addition, we showcase a variety of residual income and network marketing opportunities which we have personally tested with success. We believe entrepreneurship is a step towards freedom.  Join us as we expand our company and escape “the road to serfdom” and instead travel “the path to independence”!

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